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Virtue Spire Paintball Hopper Review

Year : 2012 Manufacturer : Virtue Price : $184.95-$194.95 Style of Play : , ,
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Author: Dalton T


1. Very Light, lighter than most other loaders.

2. NEVER Jams!

3. Tool-Less Assembly


1. Difficult to change settings.

2. Feed neck smaller than most loaders

3.  Currently not many upgrades available.


Virtue Spire Paintball Hopper Review In the 2012 Paintball season, pictures of Houston Heat icon Nick Sloviak began popping up on the internet of him using a never-before-seen loader on his gun. The almost boat-shaped hopper covered completely by electrical tape made the online community go nuts wondering what this world champion player was using in these pictures. Shortly after, the small but well known company Virtue Paintball stepped up and claimed ownership, and since then has been dominating the hopper market with what is possibly the best loader to date. The Virtue Spire is here to stay, being used by 5 PSP professional teams and thousands of amateur players, and with good reason. Already with a lower price point than some of its biggest competition, the Spire is more than just pretty looks and fancy features. Virtue has worked day in and day out to make sure that no one is left disappointed with the Spire, and has succeeded beyond expectations. Price: $185.00 Specs: -Tool-less dis-assembly, who doesn’t love not having to hassle with screws? -Shot activated sensor, no more constant feeding when your bolt hasn’t cycled through yet. -”True 200″ capacity, the only hopper to easily hold 200 paint balls, and have room left over. – Quick change speed-feed, by simply pushing the lock tab up and pulling out the lid. – Adjustable Settings done by two buttons.

The Good -

Truly lighter. The Virtue Spire is truly the lightest hopper on the market to date, beating out the Rotor and the Z2, it’s major competition. Even after loading the Spire with paint, you can almost instantly feel less weight in your hand, making long, drawn out games a little easier. -Never, ever, jams. We’ve all been there. In the middle of a match you have the perfect shot on an opponent, press the trigger, and nothing happens. Jams happen all the time, and are often the deciding factor in a match, especially in one on ones. But not when using the Spire. The Spire uses a shot activated G-Force sensor only feeding paint when it feels your marker shoot. The spring loaded anti-jam paddles on the tower slides under any paint stuck in the hopper, and pushes it out of the way, to keep the paint from stopping your hopper. And just in case neither of these features prevent a ball from getting stuck in the drive, the Spire includes a force feed button under the power button, which also conveniently serves as your LED light, that you can press at any time to force your Spire to feed paint into the gun, should you ever need to. -Quick dis-assembly. With other high end and high priced loaders you sometimes need a screwdriver to get into the core of the hopper and clean out any broken paint or dirt. The Spire literally has one lock button, and once you slide it up, you pull out the tray and that’s it. Nothing to it. You can change your batteries, put on a rain lid, or clean out a bad batch of paint all in under one minute, and no more.

The Not So Good -

Changing settings. Counting light flashes and memorizing which color represents what can be confusing, so you might want to make sure you always have your manual should you ever need to adjust a setting for any reason. -Not a lot of aftermarket options. While Virtue has a great selection of speedfeeds to choose from, they do tend to be on the pricier side. Currently, however, Exalt paintball makes the Exalt Spire Feed Fast upgrade¬† and is the only aftermarket company to produce a speedfeed for the Spire besides Virtue that makes the Virtue Spire Crown SF speed feed. So if you were planning on buying your favorite speedfeed from KM or HK Army, be prepared. – Feedneck is small. The Spire’s feedneck seems to run a little smaller than most hoppers, so even with an adjustable feedneck on your gun you may find yourself tightening it a little overboard, which can make it hard to take on and off without an allen key. However, a smaller set screw on your gun’s feedneck has been reported to help with this problem. The Spire is without a doubt one of the best, if not the best, hoppers on the market today. Any player of any style or experience should feel comfortable using this loader with their favorite marker, without any major worries. For it’s simplicity, practicality, and un-matching performance, the Virtue Spire receives a well deserved 5 out of 5!




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