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Planet Eclipse Geo 3.1 Review

Year : 2013 Manufacturer : Planet Eclipse Price : $1395 Style of Play : , , ,
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Author: JX2 Pros- 1. Amazing shooting, very smooth. 2. Extremely reliable and easy to use. 3. Comes in hard case with spare parts. Cons- 1. Price is $1395 2. Lack of Air Efficiency 3. New Macro-less design isn’t that comfortable.   Planet Eclipse Geo 3.1 Paintball Gun After playing with the Planet Eclipse Geo 3.1 compared to the normal 3.0 wasn’t a huge difference, the main difference you’re going to notice is the front grip and the lack of macro line. On the Planet Eclipse Geo 3.1 it has a new rubber grip similar to the LV1 but it’s not exactly the same, the regulator cover actually has a cut out so it makes your thumb fit a little bit better. The 3.1 does not have a macro fitting or macro hose like the old-style Geo it has the new style that comes on LV1. Some of the best things about the Geo 3.1 is of course how smooth it shoots it’s a very smooth cycling paintball gun, the trigger is completely adjustable and you have to different options if you want to use a micro switch or a Opto which you can use either or to fire. The ASA that comes stock on the 3.1 is probably the best ASA in the industry. A little push button and the air is easily turned off and then you just press down the ASA and it turns a right on, very smooth. I have never seen one bumped during practice or during a game so it seems pretty reliable as well. The Shaft 4 barrel, the feedback ,the ease of the OLED screen that comes on the back of the Geos are very nice all of them high-quality products designed to be very easy to use A few things I don’t like about the Geo 3.1is the lack of efficiency, rumors have it at the new GSL the Geo SL model will be much more efficient but right now you’re getting about 8 pods on a 80 4500 air tank. For most players this won’t be an issue but for your scenario and tournament players this will cause an issue. The new macro feature that comes on 3.1 I’m not a big fan of. I feels like it kind of intrudes on where your hand would comfortably wraparound the regulator grip. Some players don’t use the regulator to hold onto all the way around so for some it doesn’t make a difference but for me I really don’t care for it over the older style. In the 3.1 the bolt system is extremely easy to pull apart but I wish I made it’s easier.  The new GSL has a tool-less feature where the bolt just pulls up and out of the back like a lot of your new paintball guns so that would’ve been a nice feature on the 3.1 but I’m sure it will that way on the next Geo when it arrives in a year or two.

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