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Spyder Hammer 7 Review

Year : 2013 Manufacturer : Spyder Price : $129.95 Style of Play : ,
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Author: Christian R

1. First Strike Capable

2. Price

3. Durability

1. Having to use Co2 due to low chronograph speed with compressed air.

2. Magazines some times being a little finicky.

3. Having to use an Allen key to switch from mag fed to hopper fed.

The Kingman Spyder Hammer 7 paintball gun is a great starter paintball gun if you are looking at getting into the mag fed or pump aspect of paintball. First off the marker is First Tiberius First Strike Paintball Capable which was a big selling point for me because there are very few markers that actually are capable of shooting these rounds, and for the price the Hammer 7 has those markers beat IMO. Not only is the Hammer 7 First Strike Capable, but is also mag (magazine)-fed which is another reason I purchased The Hammer 7. The marker comes with 1 magazine that can hold nine .68 caliber paintballs or from what I have found eight first strike paintballs and if you need more magazines, you can buy more separately like I did. The magazines do take a little getting used to putting into the gun but after a while it becomes pretty easy to load.

If the mag-fed perk isn’t for you the Hammer 7 has a detachable feed neck that allow you to put a loader on top of the marker but if you are using just mag’s you can have the whole top rail to add attachments since there is no feed neck in the way. The Hammer 7 has a set screw on top of the marker to switch back and forth from mag-fed to hopper fed with the use of an Allen key which in my opinion could have been designed better for more on the fly swapping. The Hammer 7 takes Spyder threaded barrels and are interchangeable with most aftermarket barrels which you’re going to want to look into because the stock barrel on it really isn’t all that great. One downside to this is that the aftermarket barrel you choose to put on the Hammer 7 must have a fairly small outer diameter to fit into the pump of the marker or they will not work with the marker. I choose the Custom Products one piece barrel and have been pretty impressed with it with the First Strikes. Another perk that stuck out to me was that the Hammer 7 has the ability to use a bottom line adapter on the bottom of the trigger frame to have the marker sit and feel like a normal paintball gun and so you can aim down the sights with a paintb! all mask on with no problems. One major problem I have encountered is the fact that the Hammer 7 does not shoot faster than about 250 with compressed air, and that’s with first strikes. However switching over to a Co2 tank without any adjustments shoots easily 350+. So as long as you have a Co2 tank lying around you will be fine. Once you take care of that problem theres really nothing much that you can complain about this marker. It’s very durable which was another selling point for me, the fact that I can drop it on the ground while I am running or bang it into trees and it doe sent start leaking or misfiring is pretty impressive in my book. Overall this marker is well worth the money and I would recommend it to any new player or any veteran player who is looking to be able to shoot first strikes without speeding a thousand dollars on a gun.


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    Great Review! Very helpful and love the pros and cons.

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