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Invert Mini Review

Year : 2012 Manufacturer : Empire Price : 325.95 Style of Play : , ,
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Author: GunSlinger
1. Quietness (Can barely hear your self shooting!)
2. Reliability
3. Weight (One of the lightest markers I have ever owned!)

1. Stock barrel. 12 inches. Nothing special.
2. ASA is worth upgrading to relay on/off to avoid problems with striping out threads.
3. Bolt Assembly is not tool less like the empire axe.

The Invert Mini Paintball Gun is a great marker if you are looking in to getting in to tournament style paintball or just want a gun that will hold its own playing recreationally every weekend without ever having to upgrade in less you want to! The Mini is a tough little gun and when I owned mine I never had that many problems with it, however there were a few problems that I did come across but were pretty easy to fix. The first issue I had was striping out my ASA, which basically fused my tank bonnet to the ASA.

In this case I could either replace it with the stock ASA or upgrade to the relay on/off ASA and never have the problem again, so that’s what I did! The only other issue I had with my mini was the accuracy, and how I fixed that problem was upgrading the stock 12 inch barrel with a .691 bore size that comes with the mini to a Custom Products 1 piece 14 inch barrel with a .689 bore size. Once I upgraded to the CP barrel I was shooting straight as I needed to be because of the tighter bore to paint match! While owning the Mini I noticed the marker was extremely quiet, which was a really nice quality for such a reasonably priced marked. Along with being quite the mini is one of the lightest markers I have owned to date which is one of the main reasons I bought this marker! One of the few other reasons I bought this marker is the fact that they have the same main board as an empire axe, which gives you the ease of changing modes by holding down the trigger and cycling through the programs compared to having to take off the front grip panel and holding down a button and then tapping it multiple times like the original version minis. With this upgraded board, you save a lot of time when you are adjusting your settings and allows you to do this completely tool less. Two of the only things you will need a tool for on this marker are to change the battery in the front grip and to remove the bolt assembly. To do this you remove the rear Allen head screw on the back of the grip frame and the bolt assembly is free to p! op out of the back. Once the bolt assembly is out the only thing you have to do to it is wipe the assembly down and get rid of all the old lube, dirt and grime, and then re-lube the three main oring’s on the bolt guide and the two oring’s on the bolt itself, then make sure your spring is put on the correct way and slide the assembly back in to the body and screw the rear body screw back in! The first time I did this it took me a while but once you do it once you get it done pretty quickly the times after. The nice thing about the mini is that, this is the only maintenance you have to perform on it, which makes it one of the easiest guns to work on and take care of! Overall if you’re looking for the most bang for your buck get yourself a Invert Mini.


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