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HK Army Zero G Paintball Harness

Year : 2014 Manufacturer : HK ARMY Price : $69.95 Style of Play :
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1. Strapless Pod Harness

2. Very Comfortable

3. Sleek Good Looking Design and Light Weight


1. Pods might open up due to no straps

2. Made for smaller players, belt system is not very long for larger players.

3. Pods could possibly fall out due to no straps.


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List Price: $64.95 USD
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CONCLUSION- Overall the HK Army Zero G Paintball Harness is a very top notch, industry changing design. If you use high quality paintball pods like the Dye Lock Lid paintball pods and do not have to worry about your pods opening up while playing then this paintball harness is going to be one of the best packs you have ever purchased! With it’s light weight and great looking design, this HK paintball harness is fair priced for the high class product you receive. 

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