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Hk Army Epic Speed Feed Review

Year : 2012 Manufacturer : HK Army Price : $24.99-$29.99 Style of Play :
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Author: Dalton T.


1. Detachable Rain Lid

2. Very Flexible Speed Feed Teeth allows easy refilling

3. The Speed Feed teeth hold paint in very well, even upside down.


1. Rain lid is difficult to take off if actually playing in the rain.

2. Rubber teeth can make it hard to load if you don’t line the pod up correctly.

3.  Not currently available for the Virtue Spire

In the past, if you were to attend a national PSP event prior to 2012, walking past the HK Army booth meant 3 things; cheap shirts, loud music, and a whole weekend of packed insanity. Playing gear never came to mind when thinking about HK Army, until 2012 when they almost overnight released pants, gloves, jerseys, and the incredible Epic Speedfeed. HK has gone from a party crazy t-shirt company to a top of the line contender in gear and other products, (don’t worry, they still have the loud music). The HK Epic falls short of nothing but outstanding, especially for a first trial. It’s quick refill, cheap price, and availability for almost any hopper makes it hard to ignore, though there are some flaws that could be changed in the future. Nonetheless, the Epic is truly worth looking at, and not just it’s pretty looks.

SPECS - Available for Most Major Loaders – Fast Fill Ability. – Large Teeth to Cover More Surface Area – Made of Shatter Resistant, Thermo-Resin Plastic – Removable Rain Lid – Ten Color Options

THE GOOD- HK Army has done an outstanding job with their first run of playing equipment, and not just their speed feed. That being said Epic should be considered above par, and for many reasons. The Epic has amazing features such as the detachable rain lid for those days it pours. Currently, only a handful of other major speed feeds have the option for a rain lid, and trying to use both the stock lid and a speed feed is usually impossible. And no matter what you prefer to use on top of your marker, chances are the Epic is available for you. The Epic is available for the Prophecy, the Rotor, the V-max, and there’s a universal version to attach to any standard loader, such as the Halo, Scion, or anything else you could possibly think of. Its flexible teeth make it easier than ever to have the ability to load more, and load quickly, while at the same time you could almost run with your gun upside down without losing but a handful of paintballs.

THE BAD- While the rain lid is a great feature to include, don’€™t think you still won’€™t get rain into your hopper at times. Yes it is detachable, and perhaps they should specify that it needs to be detached, unless you mind wasting time trying to take the lid off while holding a pod, reloading, then putting the lid back on. The rain lid has no attachment to be able to just be flipped open and then close again, so you will eventually find it useless and more than likely throw it in the gear bag and let it collect dust. And even though the teeth make it easier to reload than many other speed feeds, keep in mind that unless you perfectly align your pod with the hopper’€™s mouth, you may find yourself spilling more than you wished for, as the side of the teeth almost act like a trampoline and have a tendency to bounce paint off when pouring. What possibly aggravates most players about the epic is that they did seem to forget one hopper when designing it. Sorry Spire users, but you’ll have to stick to Virtue speed feeds for right now. The thought that a company as popular as HK Army wouldn’€™t design their product to be used with one of the most bought and used hoppers as the Spire is boggling, and it may not even be their fault. But still, it would be nice to see one soon.

CONCLUSION- HK Army has outdone themselves, as well as surprised the paintball world with a line of products that for once are actually usable on the field. The Epic by far is a top 3 pick in speedfeeds to consider when choosing, and perhaps they will continue to fix and work with it to eventually make it the best on the market. So if you aren’t a Spire owner, and you don’t care how many balls you drop, you can agree that the Epic deserves a solid 4 out of 5 stars.


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