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Dye Assault Matrix Paintball Gun Review

Year : 2012 Manufacturer : Dye Precision Price : $1299.95-$1399.95 Style of Play : , ,
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Author: Joe B


1. Hopper Fed and Mag Fed with a easy Slide Switch

2. The Dye DAM Shoots First Strike Rounds!

3. Tool-Less Bolt Dis assembly


1. The Dye DAM is a bit heavier than most.

2. Price is quite high

3.  Can’t fit the gun together in the case it comes in.

The DAM is Dyes new woods ball Gun. This is the first magfed gun to feature full auto first strike ability. Featuring fast switches from mag to hopper. The DAM is based on the Proto PMR which is a solid gun on its own but now with magfed ability and a rotating eye pipe. The DAM is interesting to use on the field. Although it will work on a speedball field its best to just keep it in the woods. The gun has quick switching firing modes featuring: Full Auto, Burst, Semi, and Safe. The batteries don’€™t have to be changed very often which is great for long days at the field. The Dye shoots great due to the spool valve design just like in most high end guns. The DAM has removable foreguards so you can adjust the length and what attachments you want on it. The DAM is very light even though it is the size of a full rifle. You should take out and lube the regulator ever 5 cases. To access the regulator you have to completely remove the back cap with the larger size allen key slot. You should also lube bolt with your choice of lube after every use but don’t use oil as it will damage your gun. You will only have to adjust to velocity when you go to the field which is nice.

The gun comes in 4 different finishes Dyecam, Olive, Tan, and Black. It features a quick switch fire system. Also it has four rails for your favorite attachments. It features a 45 degree off set feedneck. Standard it has the world famous Dye Ultralite barrel but the gun is Autococker threaded so you can fit most barrels on it. The gun has a milled in airline so no need to replace macrolines. To all you need to do is adjust the velocity in the back of the gun. Switch hoppers is as easy as sliding the switch on the side of the gun. Also when removing the eye pipe be careful because its fragile. The bolt should be lubed very lightly so you don’t gunk it up.

A few great upgrades for the DAM are:

Dye Rotor Box Mag: This is a DYE Rotor that fits into the magwell of the DAM so you can have the same speed and amount of paint as a rotor but without the high profile.

Ninja Remote Line: This will allow you to put your tank on your back and not under your gun for lighter use.

Magpul AFG: One of the best foregrips out there this will give you a solid grip on your gun and you can get it in the same colors as your gun.





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