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Bob Long G6R Paintball Gun Review

Year : 2010 Manufacturer : Bob Long! Price : $859.95 Style of Play : , ,
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Author: Joe B


1. The G6R Is Very Quiet

2. Extremely Light Weight

3. One of the most efficient paintball guns


1. Kind of Difficult to tune

2. Requires the Ninja SLP (super low pressure) Regulator

3.  Stock barrel is only a 1 peice

The G6R is Bob Longs Flagship Gun. The 6th version in the Intimidator line the G6R is one of the highest quality poppets on the marking. Featuring an ultra-soft, quiet, and efficient shot. . The G6R is made in America at Bob Longs shop and each one is hand assembled. The G6R is great on the field. Weather on the speedball field or in the woods the G6R will treat you great. The gun has a full tournament board so it is legal for competitions. The batteries don’t have to be changed very often which is nice. Bob Long includes a card for the optimum tuning pressures for your specific gun. The G6R has a quick strip bolt for quick on field cleaning. The G6R is the king of efficiency getting up to 14 pods of a full 68/4500 and even more with upgraded parts. The G6R also has one of the softest shots out of all the poppet based markers. You should take out and lube the regulator ever 5 cases. You should also lube the poppet and bolt with Dow 55 after every use. You will also have to re tune the gun almost every use for it to operate perfectly.

The gun comes in many different finishes and most sites feature an option do design your own gun, or you can call Bob Long directly and have them make it to order. It also comes in different milling patterns like Tactical, Dragon, and Flame. It comes with a low pro feedneck with twisting clamp. Standard it only ships with a one piece barrel but some models come with a two piece. The barrel is made by Custom Products a much respected barrel maker. The gun has a milled in airline so no need to replace macrolines. Another feature is the Delrin bolt which is very light and fast moving. To tune you need a pressure tester to read you HPR pressure. You then should adjust both your HPR and LPR to Bob Longs recommended settings. Once at those settings you should tune only the LPR. Tuning it to the right setting will give you a beautiful shot. The bolt should be lubed very lightly so you don’t gunk it up.

A few great upgrades for the G6R are:

TechT Hush Bolt: This is an upgraded bolt made of Delrin and the way it is designed allows for quieter sound when firing.

TechT LP Poppet: This upgraded poppet system allow for a softer shot and better efficiency.

Violent Series Scythe Trigger: This upgraded trigger is an upgrade from the stock trigger that makes it a much smoother trigger pull.

Pros: Quiet Light Weight Efficient

Cons: Pain to tune, requires SLP tank regulator, 1 piece barrel.


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