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Write Reviews & Get Paid!
Earn Money Writing Reviews with

At any given time there are hundreds of items that are being released that need to be reviewed!

How much money can I make? pays $5.00 per approved review. Our estimate is that if you know your paintball gear, you will be able to do 2-3 quality reviews per hour. $10-$15 per hour extra income!

After you have successfully submitted 5 reviews, your pay per review will then raise to $7.00!

What is

PaintballGearReviews.comĀ is a website that allows you to write reviews in exchange for cash. There are hundreds if not thousdands of paintball items we need reviewed!

How you review the products are up to you;however, you must follow our requirements.

Why Get Paid For Writing Reviews?

Earn hundreds or thousands of dollars writing reviews. In addition, if you enjoy the industry of paintball you are able to earn money talking about something you already enjoy!

What Is Required to Start ?

We only require you to read our Writing Guidelines and basic information such as your first name, email address, and PayPal payment address. Submit your reviews HERE to begin.

Review Writing Guidelines

Constructive criticism is encouraged, however, reviews that are hateful or non-constructive will not be accepted.
The content should be good quality, written in 3rd person and be non-promotional. You should not write that you are associated with the company/product you are writing for.

Feel free to compare two competitive items to one another describing the Pro’s and Con’s of the item you are reviewing.

What are the requirements for my review to be approved?

In order for your review to be accepted into PaintballGearReviews, we do have some minimum requirements. These requirements are set in place to make sure we are providing the best quality reviews to visitors. Some of our minimum requirements include:

Your review must be about paintball gear no more than 2 years old. Must have been released in the last 2 years.
Your review must be about a paintball marker, air tank, mask, hopper, playing gear or upgrade.
Your review can not be a review of an item already reviewed and listed on Paintball Gear

See reviewed items HERE

Your review must contain a minimum of a 500 word count and no more than a 750 word count.
All reviews must contain unique content. You are not allowed to copy a review from another site or to use public domain or copyrighted material on your review
Spun/Computer Generated content is not allowed.
Your review must not contain duplicate content scraped from other sites.
Completed Reviews must be permanently displayed on Paintball Gear and are the property of Paintball Gear indefinitely.


Will my contact information be confidential?

Yes, your contact information is kept confidential by Paintball Gear and is not made available to third parties or other participants.